Community Goals

Improve housing management

Ensure all members have access to safe, adequate, and appropriate housing

Increase residential density and capacity

Where are we now?

Mihkoskiwakak Nehiyawak Nation’s position on housing is to continue to exercise the Treaty Right to shelter as established under the Treaty 5 agreement with Canada and the Crown of Great Britain. The Housing Department works together with Indigenous Services Canada, and Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation to provide housing in the community.

As of 2020, the community is developing a Housing Policy to effectively and efficiently manage and allocate housing, establish criteria for applicant selection, and prioritize houses for renovation. The community is committed to meeting and addressing the social need of shelter for members.

There are currently 207 homes in the community, all of which are single-family units. The majority of homes are overcrowded and not suitable for larger families. There are several families that are currently on the waiting list for a home in the community, indicating a need for imminent residential development. At least 100 families that are living in urban centres would like to return to the community but can’t because there are no available houses. Through community engagement, members expressed interest in developing both single unit homes as well as multi-family units (such as duplexes, fourplexes, etc.) in the future.

Community Data

Size of Current Reserve Land, km2, 2020

Population Density , Registered Persons per km2, 2020

Active Number of Permits, 2020