Governance & Administration

Community Goals

Affirm our Inherent Right to self governance

Improve communication among staff & between leadership & membership

Improve transparency & accountability of community administration

Improve information & data management

Expand administration & band office staff

Strengthen internal relations between staff and community members

Promote external relationship building

The Administration and Band Office oversees the following departments:

  • Education
  • Housing
  • Justice
  • Public works and Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Social Assistance
  • Indian Registry Community Development

Commissions are responsible for implementing policies and providing support to program managers to deliver program services. The active commissions are as follows:

  • Education Commission
  • Health Commission
  • Custom Council
  • Emergency Response Committee
  • Housing Commission
  • Justice Commission
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Lands/Resources Commission

Community Data


Male:Female Ratio for Chief & Council, 2020

Number of eligible voters, 2020

Listing of Current Chief & Council

Bylaws Currently in Force, 2020

Number of general band meetings held annually

Type of Election System in Place, 2020

Red Earth Cree Nation