Red Earth Cree Nation

The Chiefs of Red Earth

The Day Before Treaty

The Day Of Treaty                                      Kiseyinis



The Day After Treaty

1913-1926                 Jeremiah Nawakayas        Born 1862.

Died April 30, 1940.

Married to Catherine Katherine Kakekas in 1886 (or before 1884)

(Note: INAC records indicate Jeremiah as Chief as of June 20, 1917 up to June 16, 1919)

?-1940                        Isaiah Badger

(Note: INAC records indicate Isaiah as Chief from 1930 to 1939 – resigned)

1940-?                        Robert Mckay                      Born September 6, 1887.

                                                                                    Died September 30, 1969.

                                                                                    Married Amelia Whitecap in 1910.

Became Chief after Isaiah Badger resigned in 1940.

1969-1978                 John William Head                        Died February 14, 1978

1978-1986                 Alvin Head                           Elected as FSIN Treasurer in 1986. 

                                                                                    Resigned as Chief.

1986-1987                 Phillip Head

1987-1993                 Phillip Head

1993-1996                 Cyril Head                            For these elections, the RECN

re-structured the composition of the Chief and Council – from the Indian Act based formula of 1 Chief and 1 Council Member for every 100 members to 1 Chief and 4 “Headmen”

1996-1999                 Roy Head

1999-2011                 Miller Nawakayas              Served four (4) consecutive terms

Chief Ian Mckay
Vice-Chief Robert WhitecapHealth & Social Development Portfolio
Councillor Charlene HeadJustice & Economic Development Portfolio
Councillor Zachary WhitecapCommunity Infrastructure & Housing Portfolio
Councillor Fabian HeadEducation & Sports, Culture and Recreation Portfolio


Past Chiefs

Chief and Council

"as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the river flows..."